The Economics of Escort Services

Just like all other service industries, the escorting service market is governed by the fundamental law of economics. Namely, this is the law of supply and demand. Understanding this fact may lead you, as a client, to understand why there are fluctuations and differences regarding the pricing for transactions. The general rule is that when there is an abundance of demand and a scarcity of supply, there is an assurance that prices will go up. Translated to the escorting industry, if there are a lot clients looking to hire escorts in Birmingham and yet there are too few escorts to ply their trade, expect steep asking prices.

The reverse is also true, as more escorts lead to more completion among talents, thus lowered prices. Those arguments stated above are under the assumption that all other factors remain constant, that is they are not counted as to affect the end prices. However if we do factor in these considerations, we will get a clearer picture of the differences.

Generally, the type of escort may contribute to how high or low they set they prices. Local escorts from within the area may require higher amounts as against escorts hailing from far off places or even those from other countries. This “territory advantage” can work to the clients benefit if they are opting for escorts who are on the more “exotic” side of the spectrum.

Experience is also a key factor on how escorts decide on the price tag. This is tempered by the factor of age. There is a sweet spot between the cross of experience and age that escorts ask for the highest amounts. Escorts with the right mix of youthful enthusiasm and intimate knowledge with their craft are definitely priceless, in relative terms.

Lastly, something that is related with experience is skill and novelty. Escorts who are creative in how they handle their intimate encounters and experts in the way they accommodate the needs and desires of their clients tend to be popular, thus are a bit more on the hefty side of the pay scale.

Knowing how the intricacies of economics weaves in to the fabric of the escorting industry can lead you to a better vantage point in negotiating for prices. Just don’t drive too hard of a bargain as it will turn-off some, if not most of the escorting talents in your area. Remember: generosity is sexy!

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